What Happens During My Appointment?

So many people are brand new to hearing about non-invasive laser liposuction alternative, so we are always getting people who want to know what an appointment entails.

A standard appointment lasts 45 minutes. The appointment starts with your technician getting you on the scale to get your current weight and BMI. This is to ensure there has not been a weight gain since the previous session which could require additional laser lipo sessions or other interventions to aid in body contouring. Next your technician will measure across the area you're having treated, small dots will be made along the tape to ensure your after measurements are accurately placed. 

Once your technician has documented your weight, BMI, and measurements you'll lay down and relax on a comfortable massage table! Paddles will be placed on the area you're wanting to treat and then you will relax for 20 minutes. You can ask questions, talk about your week, or tell us more about your goals- we'll be by your side the whole time! 

Paddles 3.jpg

Once the 20 minutes is up your technician will remove and sanitize the paddles. You'll again be measured along the marks made before the treatment and then comes the best part- you will learn how many inches you lost! 

Once you get your final measurement you'll step on the vibration platform which does exactly what it sounds like- it vibrates! Vibration platforms force your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second. This process aids in weight loss, burns fat, and tones muscle too!

After all of that, we'll book your next appointment and see you next time!

Aubrey F- Body By Lipo Killeen, TX